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I currently am the Mobile Development Lead at Expensify, you can download our iOS or Android app out to check out our product.

Previous Projects


We believe that all group actions start with a suggestion. To encourage meaningful actions we wanted a simple way to make suggestions. Suggest allows you to focus your energy not on talking, but doing. Suggest won 2nd place at the 2015 App-A-Thon.


Localize is a local social network that allows you to chat with people at the same location. Localize forces you off the couch, and to join the conversation by allowing only people in close proximity to converse. Chatting with new people at sporting events, and festivals about what is happening in live time. Leaving a message for someone at a museum to check out the Picasso on the second floor is all possible with Localize. The application itself was written natively for the Android operating system with the back end server hosted by OpenShift. Facebook authentication leaves you one click away from using Localize. Localize won 3rd place and Best Design at the 2014 App-A-Thon.


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The Chatter Web Project was developed in the Cloud Computing course at Boise State University. It was deployed on three separate Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machines, with one database virtual server, and a load balancer server. The load balancer used HAProxy to keep sticky sessions between the load balanced servers. The project was deployed on Tomcat 8 with a Jersey servlet and a JAX-RS RESTful API. The back end used Hibernate with a MySQL database. The front end implemented PureCSS and JQuery.

The project was broken up into three separate services: friend service, tweet service, and monitor service. The friend service, and tweet service were additionally load balanced using a queuing system to respond to requests.

The monitor service keeps stats on all different types of information about Chatter services running. It displayed them for each individual load balanced servers in a dashboard. The dashboard used the Chart.js library to chart statistics in a responsive manner.

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